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Times Square


Times Square, often referred to as “The Crossroads of the World,” is one of the most famous and vibrant commercial intersections globally. Located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, Times Square is renowned for its electric advertising signs, Broadway theaters, bustling crowds, and as the site of the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop.


Times Square is situated at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretches from West 42nd to West 47th Streets in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.


For more information about Times Square, including upcoming events, history, and visitor resources, check out the official website: Times Square District Management Association

Operating Hours

As a public space, Times Square is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, individual businesses, restaurants, and attractions within Times Square have their own operating hours.

Things to Do

1. Broadway Shows: Times Square is the gateway to the Theater District, home to many of the city’s renowned Broadway theaters. Attending a Broadway show is an essential experience when visiting Times Square.

2. New Year’s Eve Celebration: Every year on December 31st, people from around the world gather in Times Square to witness the famous New Year’s Eve Ball Drop, a tradition dating back to 1907.

3. Visit Madame Tussauds: Located in Times Square, Madame Tussauds New York features wax replicas of famous celebrities, politicians, and iconic characters from film and television.

4. Explore Times Square’s Stores: Times Square hosts a variety of stores, from large flagship locations like the Disney Store and M&M’s World to boutique shops.

5. Dining: Times Square offers a wide range of dining options, including fine dining establishments, casual eateries, and iconic New York City food vendors.

6. Times Square’s Public Art: Throughout the year, Times Square features public art installations and performances, often on the pedestrian plazas.

7. Attend a TV Show Taping: Several popular television shows, like Good Morning America, are taped in or near Times Square and often offer free tickets to the public.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings in this busy area, as Times Square is known for its hustle and bustle, which contributes to its charm and character.

History of Times Square

Times Square was originally named Longacre Square, but it was renamed in 1904 when The New York Times moved its headquarters to the newly erected Times Building, which is now known as One Times Square and is the site of the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Times Square became the center for culture and entertainment in New York City with the opening of numerous theaters. However, the area experienced a decline in the mid-20th century and became known for crime and seediness. In the 1990s, thanks to the concerted revitalization efforts by the city and state, Times Square underwent a transformation and has since regained its reputation as a bustling hub of activity and a must-visit destination for tourists worldwide.

Iconic Billboards and Advertisements

One of the most distinctive features of Times Square is the plethora of bright, colorful billboards and digital displays that cover the buildings. This outdoor advertising, which runs day and night, has made Times Square an iconic symbol of the vibrancy of New York City. The largest of these billboards is often referred to as “The One,” measuring over four stories high.

TKTS Discount Booth

For those interested in Broadway shows, the TKTS Discount Booth in Times Square sells same-day tickets for Broadway and other NYC theater events at discounted prices. Operated by the Theatre Development Fund, a not-for-profit organization, the booth is located under the red steps at Father Duffy Square, at Broadway and 47th Street.

Times Square Alliance

The Times Square Alliance, founded in 1992, works to improve and promote Times Square. In addition to providing core neighborhood services with its Public Safety Officers and Sanitation Associates, the Alliance promotes local businesses, encourages economic development and public improvements, co-coordinates numerous major events including the annual New Year’s Eve celebration, manages the area’s public spaces, and advocates on behalf of its constituents with respect to a host of public policy, planning and quality-of-life issues.

Tips for Visiting

Times Square is typically busiest in the evenings and weekends, so plan accordingly if you prefer a less crowded experience. As with any crowded area, keep an eye on your belongings. Many subway lines have stations at or near Times Square, making it easy to reach from other parts of the city. Lastly, don’t forget to look up and enjoy the lights – one of the key experiences that make Times Square unique.

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